STEM Threshold Scores

The following table records a range of STEM™ threshold scores employed by users of the evaluation method.  There is no set national threshold promoted by the NZNTT as this is left to each Local Authority to determine what trees are significant in their specific local context.  Regional differencess in the quality and notable attributes of tree stock around the country will also vary, therefore a significant tree in Waitaki may score differently to a significant tree in Waikato.

An important note: Direct comparison of STEM™ scores between Local Authorities presents challenges due to several factors.  The regional differences in tree stock noted above.  The inherent nature of evaluation methods introduces the potential for variation among assessors.  There have also been some Councils that have adapted STEM by adding criteria which will result in inlflated scores.  Therefore direct comparisons are not advised.
Carterton 150 points
Dunedin 145 points
Far North Under review (130 points - Proposed)
Gisborne Unknown
Gore Under review
Hamilton 130 – for the reassessment of existing scheduled trees
120 – for new street/reserve trees to be scheduled
Hastings 160 points OR a minimum of 50 years old AND including a notable attribute
Hauraki 87 points
Horowhenua 150 points
Kaipara 150 under review
Kapiti 140 points
Lower Hutt 120 points
Manawatu 150 points
Marlborough 150 points OR a tree with a local notable attiribute
Masterton None established
Matamata-Piako District 140 points
Napier 180 points
Nelson 100 points
Otorohaunga 160 points
Palmerston North 160 points (adapted STEM)
Porirua 120 points
Queenstown-Lakes 120 points
Rangitikei Unknown
Rotorua Lakes 140 points
Selwyn Unknown
South Taranaki 130 points for native trees 150 points for exotics
South Wairarapa 110 points proposed
South Waikato Unknown
Tasman 120-149 points - Cat C, 150-190 points - Cat B, 190+ points - Cat A.
Taupo 110 points
Tauranga 130 points
Thames-Coromandel 170 points
Timaru 125 points proposed
Upper Hutt 100 points
Waikato 160 points
Waimakariri 90 under review
Waipa 110 points
Waitaki 130 points (proposed)
Wellington 110 points - under review
Western Bay of Plenty 120 points
Whakatane 135 points
Whanganui 150 points - trees with <150 may be protected if they have value to the community
Whanagrei 100 points
                                                                                                                                              Updated 3 June 2022

Standard Tree Evaluation Method™ and STEM™ are Trademarks of the New Zealand Notable Trees Trust.
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