Standard Tree Evaluation Method - STEM™

Standard Tree Evaluation Method - STEM™

Flook, R.R. (1996) STEM A Standard Tree Evaluation Method. Nelson, New Zealand. ISBN: 0-437-04039-5

Following many years of collaboration and development from various stakeholder groups in New Zealand, this heritage tree evaluation method was first published in September 1996 by Ron Flook (see the author's note ). It quickly became the most widespread method of evaluating heritage and notable trees for district plans around the country.  It is now used by the majority of Local Authorities in New Zealand that schedule notable and historic trees in their respective district plans.

In August 2012 the New Zealand Notable Trees Trust became the copyright holder of STEM™.  The NZNTT is indebted to the Flook Family for allowing the Trust to become the new home and controlling authority for this valuable tool.

STEM™ scores can be entered on records for trees listed on the New Zealand Tree Register.

Copies of the STEM Manual can be purchased directly from the Trust.

Standard Tree Evaluation Method™ and STEM™ are Trademarks of the New Zealand Notable Trees Trust.
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