Measuring Trees

Measuring Trees

To ensure we can accurately compare trees and to identify champion trees the following guidelines are provided to assist you in the collection of reliable data.

Before entering a tree in the register, you need to collect 4 basis measurements:

(1) Trunk Girth or Circumference (measured in centimetres)
(2) Vertical Tree Height (measured to the nearest .1m)
(3) Widest Crown Spread (measured to the nearest .1m)
(4) Narrowest Crown Spread (Measured to the nearest .1m)

For excellent guidance on measuring trees go to  or see the additional notes on the menu above for further information.  The Native Tree Society site includes many diagrams and discussion on the science of tree measuring. The following two documents make excellent reading;  Eastern Native Tree Society - ... Tree Measuring Guidelines 2008 (492kb) and Tree Measuring Guidelines - ENTS 2006 (745kb). The American Forests - Tree Measuring Guidelines is also an excellent resource.


Recording Additional Tree Information

In addition to recording the current dimensions of the tree it is helpful to collect various other details regarding the tree.  Collecting as much information as is possible will enable us to retain a full record of the tree.  The online registration form will provide several drop down lists of general information required.  Other fields require the recorder to enter various other field observations.  Some fields are required whilst others are optional.  Please obtain landowner consent and record their details before listing a privately owned tree.  Public trees do not require consent.  Download our handy field sheet to collect your information and make sure you see our Getting Started page .



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