Getting Started

Getting StartedBefore you head out and start measuring and recording trees please review the 'Measuring & Recording Trees' and 'Add a Tree' pages.  This will ensure you know what information needs to be recorded whilst out in the field.  Your field notes can be recorded and entered online later.

Click HERE to download a standard tree data field sheet.

The following list will ensure you have all the equipment for the task.  Not all the equipment is required, i.e whilst a clinometer or laser rangefinder are very useful, a tape measure and a stick can also provide very accurate height measurements.

Useful field equipment

Clipboard and field sheet
Pen and pencil (pens don't work in the rain)
Notebook for additional notes
50 metre tape
Cork with several thumb tacks (good for marking girth height)
10-15 metre forestry girth tape (the hook on the end is very handy when you are by yourself) 
Digital camera

Remember that you can never record too much information.  Good luck and happy tree hunting

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