ANSWERS to NZTR Lockdown Quiz #3 - Our Indigenous Wonders - 23rd Apr 2020

1) Who can add a tree to the New Zealand Tree Register and what is the first step that is required to be able to do this?
A: Anyone can add a tree. The first step is to create a free account & login.

2) In what reserve is the NZ kauri that is situated close to the southern limit for the species? What is the NZTR number for the tree and who took the image?
A: Hakarimata Scenic Reserve.  NZTR number is WKR/1330.  Matt Smillie took the image. There are other naturally occurring kauri further south but they are not listed on the NZTR.

3) What was thought to have played a significant role in the demise of the mighty 'Toronui’? What year did it fall?
A: Wounding caused to the tree being extensively bled for its gum likely led to its demise. It fell in 1977. See NR/805.

4) What is the name of our largest (by girth) kauri?
A: Te Matua Ngahere - NR/0802

5) Who FIRST discovered the ‘Yakas’ kauri and what was it originally named?
A: This was a slightly confusing question. The botanist Leonard Cockayne first discovered the tree in 1907/8. It was referred to as the ‘Cockayne Kauri’ from that discovery and later named by hunters in the early 1960’s as ‘The Phantom Tree’. Its current name ‘Yakas Kauri’ was attributed to it in 1968. See NR/801.

6) Where is the third largest tōtara in the South Island located?
A: It is located (off Grange Road on private farmland), near Hapuku, Canterbury. see CR/1221

7) What species is the tallest living native tree listed in the register? How tall is it and how much taller has another well-documented tree of the same species been measured at?
A: Dacrydium cupressinum (rimu) is the tallest living native tree listed in the register. It is 53.1m tall [WKR/1241]. It would be 0.5m taller than a 53.6 m (unlisted) tree, measured by Bob Van Pelt on a hunter's track elsewhere in Pureora Forest Park.

8) Who discovered NZ’s champion rimu and how recently was it measured? What is its champion tree score?
A: It [WCR/1640] was discovered by Lindsay Molloy and he and Phil Barker measured it on 27 Jan 2020. The champion tree score is 449

9) Where is the northern rata pictured here located? What ranking for size (girth) does it currently have? Where are the largest co-champions now located?
A: It is located at Bushy Park near Wanganui [WGR/0371]. It is currently ranked the 6th largest Metrosideros robusta when ranked by girth. The two M. robusta in Akatarawa Forest, Upper Hutt with the largest girths [WTR/1291] and [WTR/0976] are national co-champions

10) Which puriri is often referred to as the largest in New Zealand?
A: The twin stemmed tree at Brooklands Park, New Plymouth [TR/0141] is often erroneously referred to as the largest in NZ.

Our final Quiz #4 will be posted at 3pm Next Thursday 30th April - Stay tuned!


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