ANSWERS to NZTR Lockdown Quiz #4 – Historic & Notable - 4th May 2020

1) In what park is the poplar pictured here is located? What year was the image taken and what is the tree’s claim to fame?
A: Frimley Park, Hastings. The image was taken 1969. It is the largest known plains cottonwood in the world. See HBR/210

2) In what town or city is the greatest number of Camperdown elms recorded? Who is the tallest Camperdown elm in that city/town associated with?
A: Christchurch has the greatest number of Camperdown elms. The tree is associated with Henry Richard Webb. See CR/1387

3) The trees NR/749 and NR/73 are both located in Nelson but what else do they have in common?
A: Both trees were planted twice (replanted) by a different person the second time.

4) Where is the current national champion English oak located? Who is it named after? If you click on the sponsors banner at the top of the tree record for this tree where does it take you?
A: At the Grange, 276 Whakarewa St, Motueka, Tasman.  It is named after Dr & Mrs J Sawford Greenwood.    The banner links to Nelson Pine Industries Ltd website. See TSR/0694

5) How many Bunya pines are recorded on the register? What is the NZTR number of the tree with the largest girth in the bottom of the North Island? The tree is otherwise significant in what way?
A: There 47 bunya pines on the register.   The NZTR # is WRR/1236.  It was planted from seed brought from Australia by John Carne Bidwill who discovered the species in Australia, which is named after him.

6) Name three servicemen who have ANZAC commemorative trees planted in their memory.
A: There a numerous by text-based searching the word ANZAC or WWI or WWII

7) Where did Fed Naden get his pōhutukawa seedling from and who helped him plant it?
A: The seedling was found on a cliff at the northern end of Tokomaru Bay.  His mother helped him plant it. See GR/1467

8) Where is the largest (combining height, girth and canopy spread) flowering tree in NZ located?
A: It is located at Roseburn; 130 McKendry Road, Outram, Otago - See OR/0640

9) Where was the second ranking monkey puzzle tree originally cultivated and subsequently planted?
A: The tree was cultivated in Devon and planted at J.B. Acland Mt Peel Station, Canterbury. See CR/1478

10) The tallest conifer in NZ is located where? When was it planted? And who was the stand it is located in dedicated to?
A: Sequoia sempervirens located in the Whakarewa Forest Memorial Grove see BPR/1438.  It was planted in 1901.  The Grove is dedicated to the NZ Forest Service members who died in WW1

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