NZ Tree Register Lockdown Quiz Series - 3rd Apr 2020

1954 dawn redwood

Going a little stir-crazy during the COVID-19 lock-down and need a little tree fix? Enter our NZTR Quiz and you will be in to win a 1985 second hand copy of S.W. Burstall & E.V Sale's classic 'Great Trees of New Zealand' (out of print and very collectable).

There will be 4 Quizzes of 10 questions over the next 4 weeks. Simply cut-and-paste each questionnaire and email your answers to

First correct answer gets 5 points, next 9 correct answers get 2 points. ALL ENTRIES get 1 point. Open to subscribers to NZ Notable Trees Trust, NZ Arb and RNZIH members, although NZ residents only (winner is to provide NZ postal address for prize).

Answers to each quiz will be posted after the close of each quiz. ALL answers to each of the questions can be found on the NZ Notable Trees Trust website or NZ Tree Register .


Cut and paste each questionnaire and send with your answers to

All questions to Quiz #1 relate to DAWN REDWOOD trees recorded on the NZ Tree Register (NZTR) or information on the Notable Trees Website

1) What is the height of the tallest currently recorded tree in NZ?

2) Where is the tree in question 1 above located?

3) In what region/s is the current National Champion located? (note: there can be more than one!) Read how champion trees are determined

4) Who cultivated the first dawn redwoods in NZ?

5) In what year was it cultivated?

6) What is the NZTR number of the largest (girth) tree in NZ?

7) Who planted the two trees in Christchurch Botanic Garden?

8) What is the total number of dawn redwood records in the NZTR?

9) What is the name of the organisation where the tree in the black and white image at this link was planted?

10) How do you the spell the botanical name of dawn redwood?

Good Luck!

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New National Champion Tulip Tree - 11th Nov 2017

New National Champion Tulip Tree Located on Centennial Drive, Matamata this very imposing tree has a plaque stating that it was planted by Mr A. Young in 1940. With a Champion Tree Score of 399 the tree is an exceptional size for an 80 year old specimen.

More information here WKR/1442 .

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Tallest Cultivated Coast-Redwood in the World - 2nd Nov 2017

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

A ground based laser measurement of 73.4 metres establishes that his particular tree is most likely the tallest tree in the Redwood Memorial Grove and therefore confirms that it is the tallest cultivated conifer in the world.

Go to the NZ Tree Register here BPR/1438 for more information

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RONALD FLOOK AWARD 2017 - 30th Oct 2017

Congratulations to HELEN ELIZABETH LOWE of Christchurch for being this year’s recipient of the NZ ARB Ronald Flook Award - an award which recognises outstanding service to the care and protection of trees in New Zealand.

By awarding this to Helen, the NZ Arboricultural Association has recognised the key role and tremendous effort she made last year to save approximately 1500 heritage and notable trees of Christchurch by ensuring they remain protected on the Christchurch Replacement District Plan.

Helen's achievement is regarded as significant, not only because of the importance of Christchurch's most notable trees to both the city—and New Zealand's—natural and cultural heritage, but because of the importance of retaining their physical presence and cultural legacy in Christchurch's post-earthquake "geography of loss."

The importance of Helen's contribution was also recognised by the Independent Hearing Panel itself, which in reaching their decision on the Trees section of the Christchurch Replacement District Plan noted that:

"… we acknowledge her expertise as a planner from her previous experience and accept without question the very competent and professional way in which she gave her evidence…and accordingly attach significant weight to it."

NZ Arb considers Helen to be a well-deserving recipient of this award which acknowledges her outstanding contribution to tree protection in New Zealand. It also acknowledges the gratitude of the Christchurch Civic Trust, the people of Christchurch and the wider community to the role she played in ensuring that the city’s heritage trees remain a significant component of the garden city.

The NZ Notable Trees Trust also considers Helen to be a very worthy recipient indeed.

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World Champion Eucalyptus MacArthurii Update - 13th Jan 2017

World Champion Eucalyptus MacArthurii Update Recent updated measurements of the largest known Camden woollybutt (Eucalyptus macarthurii) in the world have been entered in the NZ Tree Register. The tree is located in the Ngaruawahia Primary School grounds.

Go to the NZ Tree Register here WKR/635 to see more information. 

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Auckland Conference 3-5 Nov 2016 & 7th Annual Tāne Mahuta Public Lecture - 7th Sep 2016

Auckland Conference 3-5 Nov 2016 & 7th Annual Tāne Mahuta Public Lecture
Our joint conference with the NZ Arboricultural Association is just around the corner - we hope to see you there.
The Trust is delighted to host the following speakers in our Notable Trees programme;
Philip van Wassenaer: Urban Forest Innovations Inc. (Canada) ‘Reduce the Crown, Retain the Tree”
Bryan Gould: Treescape Australia (Brisbane) ‘A Casual Comparison of Araucariaceae in Queensland & NZ
Helen Lowe: - Coordinator for Christchurch Civic Trust & Others Arboriculture and Planning: ‘Negotiating the Christchurch Replacement Plan Experience’
David Snowdon: Auckland Council "Tree Protection - Legislation and Regulation: Do we know what we’re doing?"
Check out the full programme here
7th Annual Tāne Mahuta Public Lecture

The NZ Notable Trees Trust is very pleased to announce that Mike Wilcox will present this year’s Public lecture.
‘Valuable trees from home and abroad'.
Mike Wilcox is a retired forestry consultant and scientist. He is considerably involved in Auckland’s botany, including being an Honorary Research Associate at the Auckland Museum, and a member of the Auckland Botanical Society, Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens, International Dendrology Society, Forest & Bird, Auckland Tree Council, and New Zealand Institute of Forestry.
Mike has a BSc in Botany from Auckland University, an MA in Forestry from Oxford University, and a PhD from North Carolina State University where he did research on the genetics of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda), leading to a career in quantitative genetic research and plant breeding of forest trees at the Forest Research Institute  (now Scion) in Rotorua.  In his international consulting work, Mike undertook numerous assignments in China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Fiji, Samoa, Vietnam, Laos, Spain, Turkey, Australia and South Africa, specialising in forestry plantations.
Mr Wilcox’s lecture will concentrate on trees that he has worked with in one way or another during his time in forestry, including urban forestry. Several of the trees to be profiled have helped shape New Zealand whilst others have featured in Mike’s overseas work.
Venue: Rendezvous Hotel, Auckland
When: Thursday 3rd November 2016. 6:00-7:00pm
Entry: Gold Coin – with proceeds to the activities of the NZ Tree Register

Full details are here

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NZ Kauri - Lost Legacy - 8th Jun 2016

The Trounson Giant

NZ Kauri - Tales of fallen giants

The NZ Tree Register not only documents many of our finest living trees but also many of our greatest fallen giants. Several historic trees of note have recently been added to the register.

Meet the lost legacy that was the 'Trounson Giant'  (NR/1375) the largest known kauri tree at the start of the 20th century. This tree was tragically lost to fire in January 1907.
Another former 'Great' - Kopi. Then it fell in 1973 it was ranked the third largest kauri in 1971 after Toronui (NR/1376) and Tane Mahuta (NR/0800) and ahead of Te Matua Ngahere (NR/0802).
And the sad tale of the mighty 'Toronui' (NR/0805).  Only 50 years passed from discovery until the day it fell as a result of the hand of man.

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Tallest Known Mediterranean cypress recorded near Nelson - 16th Mar 2016

Tallest Known Mediterranean cypress recorded near Nelson The tallest recorded Meditertanean cypress was recently discovered at Paynes Ford near Nelson. At 42.2 metres it is the tallest know specimen in the world. Check out The NZ Tree Register record here

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