ANSWERS to NZTR Lockdown Quiz #1 - Dawn Redwoods in NZ - 7th Apr 2020

Here are the answers to NZTR QUIZ #1 – Dawn Redwoods in NZ

1) What is the height of the tallest currently recorded tree in NZ?
A: 33.8 metres (dawn redwood BPR/1460)

2) Where is the tree in question 1 above located?
A: McLaren Falls Park, Lower Kaimai Tauranga

3) In what region/s is the current National Champion located? (note: there can be more than one!)
A: There are two co-champion dawn redwoods (within 10 points of each other) - Taranaki (TR/0711) & Marlborough (MR/0973)

4) Who cultivated the first dawn redwoods in NZ?
A: Mr. A.W. Anderson (CR/0692)

5) In what year was it cultivated?
A: (July) 1948

6) What is the NZTR number of the largest (girth) tree in NZ?
A: Dawn redwood # MR/0973

7) Who planted the two trees in Christchurch Botanic Garden?
A: Huia Gilpin (CR/0738) planted one AND H.J. Brunner Esq. (CR/1003) planted the other (dawn redwoods).

8) What is the total number of dawn redwood records in the NZTR?
A: There are currently 32 tree listings

9) What is the name of the organisation where the tree pictured was planted?
A: The Cawthron Institute (NNR/0793)

10) How do you the spell the botanical name of dawn redwood?
A: Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Thanks to all that sent in an entry. Quiz #2 will be posted 3pm this Friday 10th April

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