September 2014 Update - 2nd Sep 2014

Podocarpus totara, a large old growth tree near Hapuku near Kaikoura Spring greetings to all our tree followers.
Check out highlights and recent activity on the New Zealand Tree Register
New & Updated Tree Records
Juglans ailantifolia, Japanese walnut at Gudex Memorial Park, Cambridge 1228
Eucalyptus saligna, Sydney blue gum. Largest in NZ near Cambridge 1227
Podocarpus totara, a large old growth tree near Hapuku near Kaikoura 1221
Prumnopitys taxifolia, matai. A giant falls in the Easter storm near Nelson 778
Wollemia nobilis, Wollemi pine. First tree planted in NZ (Jan 2013) 1121
Araucaria araucaria, Chile pine. Invercargill. Largest known tree of species in NZ 351
Sequoia sempervirens, coast redwood, Rotorua. Tallest known conifer in NZ at 71.2m 1208
Metasequoia glyptostroboides, dawn redwood. A big first generation tree at Hari Hari 1220
To view other updates on the NZTR go to the ‘Recent Changes’ page or search the full register and go to the latest listings.
Rotorua Conference Oct 16-18 2014
Our joint conference with the NZ Arboricultural Association is just around the corner. Check out the full programme - we hope to see you there.
We are pleased to host the following speakers in our Notable Trees programme;
Imelda Bargas: Ministry for Culture & Heritage – Memorial Trees of WWI: Casualties and Survivors
Justin Morgenroth: University of Canterbury – Where Have All the Mature Trees Gone?
Mark Paget & Julianne Wilkinson: Rotorua District Council – Notable Trees of Rotorua
Tāne Mahuta Free Public Lecture
Peter Waddell from the Ronin Institute (USA) will be presenting this year’s lecture.
‘NZ’s Mighty Trees - What we don’t know and what we should be doing’.
It is time to take stock of our old growth kauri. Our last remaining big trees are facing renewed disease threats, climate change, and our own ignorance on how to manage them. This presentation takes a look at the fates of the top 20 big kauri listed by the New Zealand Forest Service in the early 1970’s. It will show that conservation of the greatest of these trees in modern times has been a dismal failure. To date, approximately one quarter of these 20 trees are now dead and many of the remainder of them are damaged and or/in dire threat.
Venue: Novotel Lakeside Hotel, Rotorua
When: Thursday 16th October 2014. 6:30-7:30pm
Entry: Free to the public
Reminders and Updates
Some interesting things to think about and get involved in:
‘Trees of Honour’ Project
This initiative encourages communities around New Zealand to record trees that have been planted to commemorate our service men and women over the years.  If you know of a ‘Tree or Avenue of Honour’ in your local community why not create an enduring record of the tree on the Register and share the story of commemoration with a wider audience.  With the Centenary of ANZAC, the Gallipoli Landings and World War I being commemorated in 2015 NZNTT would like to focus on tree plantings that took place to honour those involved with these events, whilst also encouraging the listing of any commemorative tree.  Read the ‘How To’ notes on the website for instructions on listing new trees.
See latest listings: Treaty of Versailles Oak, Geraldine Domain 1198
Bunya Bunya Tree Hunt
The number of bunya bunya records on the NZTR now stands at 34. We’re looking for more of these prominent specimens – so please consider adding new records of this tree. Do you know of a bunya bunya that is not listed on the NZTR? If so, you could take the time to measure, photograph and create a permanent record of it online?
We welcome Waikato District Council to our sponsors list and, as always, the Trustee’s wish to offer their continued thanks to our Annual Supporters and Region Sponsors for their ongoing financial assistance of the NZNTT’s activities. See the current NZNTT Sponsors List – and please contact us for more information if your organisation would like to become a sponsor – your help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
The Notable Trees Team


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