RONALD FLOOK AWARD 2017 - 30th Oct 2017

Congratulations to HELEN ELIZABETH LOWE of Christchurch for being this year’s recipient of the NZ ARB Ronald Flook Award - an award which recognises outstanding service to the care and protection of trees in New Zealand.

By awarding this to Helen, the NZ Arboricultural Association has recognised the key role and tremendous effort she made last year to save approximately 1500 heritage and notable trees of Christchurch by ensuring they remain protected on the Christchurch Replacement District Plan.

Helen's achievement is regarded as significant, not only because of the importance of Christchurch's most notable trees to both the city—and New Zealand's—natural and cultural heritage, but because of the importance of retaining their physical presence and cultural legacy in Christchurch's post-earthquake "geography of loss."

The importance of Helen's contribution was also recognised by the Independent Hearing Panel itself, which in reaching their decision on the Trees section of the Christchurch Replacement District Plan noted that:

"… we acknowledge her expertise as a planner from her previous experience and accept without question the very competent and professional way in which she gave her evidence…and accordingly attach significant weight to it."

NZ Arb considers Helen to be a well-deserving recipient of this award which acknowledges her outstanding contribution to tree protection in New Zealand. It also acknowledges the gratitude of the Christchurch Civic Trust, the people of Christchurch and the wider community to the role she played in ensuring that the city’s heritage trees remain a significant component of the garden city.

The NZ Notable Trees Trust also considers Helen to be a very worthy recipient indeed.

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