Feb 2010 Newsletter - 12th Feb 2010

Vitex lucens - Tokomaru Bay. Image credit: Thilo Beeker Dear Notable Tree Enthusiasts

With 2010 well underway, the main focus of the Trust’s efforts has been updating and verifying current records held within the database. In addition to this activity there has been many new records added. To view all updated records and any new trees added to the register simply go to the search page and select Verified Trees Only


A selection of the more notable new trees added to the register are:

The largest single stemmed macrocarpa recorded in the world. Location - Awaroa
Go to: register.notabletrees.org.nz/tree/view/686

The largest Pinus radiata recorded in the world. Location - New Plymouth
Go to: register.notabletrees.org.nz/tree/view/714

The largest dawn redwood recorded in New Zealand. Location – New Plymouth
Go to: register.notabletrees.org.nz/tree/view/711

To see an update on the progress of the worlds largest manna gum as it stays a nose ahead of the Aussies in the girth stakes.
Go to: register.notabletrees.org.nz/tree/view/348

Tree of the Month
We have received notification of a truly outstanding puriri tree (pictured, image credit: Thilo Beeker). The tree was submitted from a visitor from Sweden. Whilst some measurements of the tree where not able to be taken, close scrutiny of the image will show just how large this tree is! Further information is being sought on the tree to complete the file.
To view the tree, type 710 into the ‘Jump to a specific record’ search and click Jump.

Thank you to those that have sent in updates and new tree records. For those of you who would like to get in on the action to update tree records or register as a tree recorder simply go to our website and follow the instructions.


Best wishes for 2010 from the Notable Trees team

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