July 2013 Update - 24th Jul 2013

The 'Phantom' northern rata above Lake Okataina, Rotorua. It has been a busy few months since our last update with approximately 40 trees being updated or added to the NZTR.

New Zealand Tree Register Highlights

Following an inquiry from Portugal, we chased down and obtained details of several of our largest Algerian oak records. The Tauranga tree, considered ‘the best looking tree’ in S.W. Burstall’s 1984 survey, BPR/1098 and a fine tree at St Kentigern School, Auckland AR/1097 which now joins the Cornwall Park tree AR/665 at the top of the table.

Northern rata, known as the ‘Phantom’ near Rotorua. A monster at 4.4m diameter. BPR/1100
Swamp cypress, the largest know in NZ. Myers Park, (319 points) Auckland AR/1095
Radiata pine, Dunedin Botanic Garden (436 points) OR/1096
Giant redwood, a rare tree on the west coast. Reefton Medical Centre, c1860 WCR/1073
Queensland kauri, The Domain, Auckland (322 points) AR/1099

Several trees in the Christchurch Botanic Garden have been added included amongst others;
Giant redwood, an avenue of 6 trees on Archery Lawn, the largest being (472 points) CR/1112
Chile pine, the last remaining of several trees at this location CR/1080
NZ hybrid blue gum, perhaps the only known specimen of this hybrid CR/1115
English oak, known as the ‘Albert Edward Oak’ considered the ‘first tree planted’ CR/1119

To view other updates on the NZTR go to the ‘Recent Changes’ page.

‘Trees of Honour’ Project

Taking a lead from the Australian TREENET project - ‘Avenues of Honour’, we begin a focus project to encourage communities around New Zealand to record trees that have been planted to commemorate our service men and women over the years.

Some of our existing records provide examples of such plantings: the Anzac tree, Eastbourne WTR/4, Hamilton West School group planting WKR/897, 23rd Battalion Tree, Nelson NNR/1105, Redwood Memorial Grove, Rotorua BPR/936, the 'Lone Pine' descendant, Christchurch CR/961 (use the text based search to find others using key words such as Anzac, World War and Gallipoli).

If you know of a ‘Tree of Honour’ in your local community, why not create an enduring record of the tree on the NZTR and share the story of commemoration with a wider audience.

With the Centenary of ANZAC, the Gallipoli Landings and World War I being commemorated in 2015, we would like to focus on tree plantings that took place to honour those involved with these events whilst also encouraging the listing of any other commemorative tree. Read the ‘how to notes’ on the website for instructions on listing trees.

Bunya Bunya Tree Hunt

A further Bunya pine has been added to the NZTR taking our total to 30 records. This follows our call to chase down prominent specimens of this tree. The latest is the second of two in the Botanic Garden in Christchurch CR/1084. Do you know of a Bunya Bunya that is not listed on the NZTR? If so, take the time to measure, photograph and create a permanent record of it online.

New Trustee

The Trustees are pleased to announce the appointment of Carl Rogers to the NZNTT Board. Carl brings a wealth of organisational and industry expertise to the Trust. We value his commitment and involvement and look forward to working with him.

STEM™ – Standard Tree Evaluation Method

We are also pleased to announce that the NZNTT is now the copyright holder of STEM™ – the Standard Tree Evaluation Method used by many Councils around New Zealand to evaluate trees for their respective district plans. The Trust is indebted to Cindy Flook for allowing the Trust to become the new home for this valuable tool.

Copies of the STEM™ manual can purchased for $115 inc. gst from Touchwood Books or the NZNTT.


The Trustee’s wish to offer their continued thanks to our Annual Supporters and Region Sponsors for their financial assistance of the Trust’s activities. See the current NZNTT Sponsors List and contact us for more information if you think your organisation would like join this group.

Kind regards,

The Notable Trees Team

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