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Macrocarpa, St Barnabas Church, Stoke

When registrations are received, the Notable Trees Registration Committee evaluate each tree for their suitability. The trees are placed in one of the following categories.

Notable/Historic Tree – International Interest
- A tree associated with an international head of state or other figurehead.
- The top 10 NZ indigenous champion trees in any species
- Any exotic tree confirmed to be in the top 5 in the world

Historic Tree – National Interest
- Trees associated with early Maori and European historical legend/settlement.
- Trees associated with a prominent national figure

Historic Tree – Local Interest
- Trees associated with a significant local person or important event (Jubilee, centenary etc)

Notable tree – National interest
- Trees rare in New Zealand; of the earliest known plantings or of large diameter, height or canopy spread (in the top ten minus the top 5 which would be international)
- Remnant of an original native forest tract
- Trees considered nationally as outstanding specimens

Notable Tree – Local Interest
- Largest trees in any one of the three dimensions than any of their species known in the region
- Rare or botanically unique local trees, earliest plantings in the district, prominent or landmark tree
- Generally includes any tree over 50 years old

General Tree - All other trees


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